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AITransitioning is the ultimate Business Transformation platform combined with outstanding process design and automation.

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According to a recent study by BusinessWire, 66% of companies around the world is going to invest in Business Automation, mainly RPA (Robotic Process Automation). One of the main reasons companies tend to switch to digital transmission is to cut cost, reduce complexity, proper use of resources, and time. Sometimes, it’s very challenging to make sure that you can get the most outcome from it.

AI Transitioning is the ultimate Business Transformation platform combined with outstanding process design and automation. Our state-of-art software and applications are backed with the best automation technology and operational technique aligned with substantial domain expertise.


AI Transitioning all-in-one suite offers a wide range of tools, services and insightful report that covers the whole automation life-cycle. Building an efficient automation process relies on proper design, develop, run, and maintain. You can now have all of these in one platform or dashboard. One of the main features of AI Transitioning is Data-driven analysis which can process billion of industry statistics and data from cloud to simplify your automation process.

Over 30+ years in the Business Automation Industry, we are capable of providing service from RPA, BPM to deep analytics to ensure you to beat your competitor with the intelligent automation process.

AI Transitioning is built for all small, medium and large scale organizations. We offer a starter pack for small enterprises who want to start the automation process for the first time or companies having the poor outcome of their automation process. We ensure that the primary goals of automation, which are saving time and resource meet every proposal we submit.

Our decades of experience in the automation industry, and working with different industries and business models helps us plan, design and implement the best solution to ensure the ROI. We not only setup your automation process, but we can also maintain and supervise the system on demand.

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