Important Information To Clear up

01 I have a small organization. Can I use your service?

Yes, you can. We offer services for small, medium, and large companies. You can improve your business process by using the AI Transitioning Automation service.

02 How you use the data and where it stored?

We use standard Data Usage Policy, and all the data is stored in a secured dedicated enterprise hosting provider. The Uptime of the server is 24hours and no chance of data leakage.

03 Can AI Transitioning work offline?

Most of the automation process can run from the local server. However, a few of the analytical procedures may require internet connectivity.

04 What is the cost of AI Transitioning Services?

The total cost depends on the structure of the business process you are following, and the size of the business is a factor as well. Please contact our sales team. They will discuss and suggest the best-valued plan for you. To contact sales, please email

05 Can a non-technical person handle the AI Transitioning dashboard?

We designed and developed the front end of the software very user-friendly. So, with a short training, a non-technical person can easily handle it. You will get the training from our technical team at free of cost.

06 Can I import data from OPTIMUS HIVE and share it with AI Transitioning?

AI Transitioning can import all data from OPTIMUS HIVE and the most popular Business Process Monitoring application.

07 How Artificial Intelligence can help improving my business Process?

Artificial Intelligence used in the process continuously collect information and use the analyzed data to improve the automation even smoother and more straightforward.

08 How can I contact AI Transitioning Support?

IN-APP: My Account > Support>Open Ticket
PHONE: 682-777-9602